Schlaflos im Sattel

Les FlamandSS

A small selection of team Les FlamandSS was present at Schlaflos im Sattel (SiS) to represent only a fraction of the Belgian Single Speed scene.

For those who don’t know the event: Schlaflos is a night endurance race in Weidenthal, Germany.
But more important it is not just your typical race, it is a full weekend experience!
It’s a few days filled with mountainbikes, fun people, love, party, beer and happiness. Weidenthal is not a place of hate nor frustration, it is a peaceful quiet place where nothing but lovely and friendly bikers meet once a year.

Even though SiS is not a Single Speed only event, it is embraced by many Single Speeders. Christian Krämer, the padre familias of SiS, is a big fan and supporter of Single Speed and a well known and loved legend in the European SS scene since many years.

As from thursday the first…

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