Rides to Remember

Ich könnte jetzt natürlich jeden Blogeintrag von Jan Heine auch bei mir einstellen, aber das ist ja auf die Dauer auch etwas sinnbefreit. Also machen wir es doch ganz simple, Ihr abonniert ihn einfach und guckt Euch die grandiosen Fotos und Erlebnisse auf nicht ganz so schmalen Rädern an.

Off The Beaten Path


In Seattle, the cycling season has ended. Snow has closed most mountain passes. Our bodies welcome a little rest from the long adventures. The time has come to pour a cup of tea and review the rides of this year.

Here are some of the most memorable rides of this year. Click on the links to read blog posts (blog) or see Bicycle Quarterly issues with these rides (BQ), where available.


My season started with a great ride up Yabitsu Pass in Japan. It had snowed that week, but the road was (mostly) passable. I enjoyed having the mountain all to myself, and as a bonus, I crested the pass at sunset and was treated to a most glorious view of Mount Fuji. (Blog)


February saw us explore a local favorite, the Tahuya Hills, on a part-pavement/part-gravel road that we hadn’t ridden before. We were rewarded with a fun ride, great views, and a huge bald eagle flying next to…

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