Ciao Ausilia


Foto: Sandra Jacques

Dear Ausilia

I chose to write to you in public to offer my – our – condolences because I want as many SiS Friends of you to be able to join me in a big hug for you.
You lost your papa today and knowing you the smallest girl with the biggest heart I can only imagine the sadness and pain you feel right now. I can probably remember every single time I met you in my life because moments spent with you always are full of love and friendship and smiles. In this picture we were hugging and both crying because it was the year we lost Sam. You carried his name over the frozen trails of Alaska that year and made him smile, made us smile and you made us proud.

I think I can speak for the whole SIS-family today – that you are a big part of – if I send you our love and support and hugs and prayers and unicorns. We are with you and hope to see you again soon.

You are one of God’s better people


phaty (or as you love to write pathy!)


The Kunt Of Weidenthal


Happy Birthday Minty! Nobody rocks that hill like you do. I guess a few years down the road they will name that part of the village after you!

Die Familie Kuntz is proud of you!!!