Wenn das Publikum die Basslinie mitsingt!

Dööööp dööp dööp … dubidubidöpdöp …

Danach kann man als Bassist eigentlich in den Ruhestand gehen.


Vulfpeck @ Spotify

Lyli Herse, 1928 – 2018

Off The Beaten Path

Lyli Herse would have turned 90 years old today (January 6) – and this post was written to celebrate her life that has inspired so many of us. But alas, I have to report instead that Lyli died on Thursday after a very short illness. Despite the great sadness of losing her, let’s celebrate her anyway, because that is what she would have wanted.

Until just a few days ago, she remained healthy and happy, living with her dog in the house built by her father, the famous constructeur René Herse, near the finish line of the Poly de Chanteloup hillclimb race. These two elements – her father’s bikes and cycling competition – were the defining elements of Lyli’s life.

Lyli first entered top-tier competition at the tender age of 16 years, when she raced in the 1944 Poly hillclimb race, which had categories for professional racers, randonneurs and mixed…

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Abu Dhabi


Was macht man an Heilig Abend in Abu Dhabi wenn man eh sein SIS Trikot dabei hat? Man nimmt sich ein Rad und fährt damit über die örtliche Formel 1 Strecke – wasn sonst?

Foto: Jörg Maurer Team Fitte Hütte (Dillingen?)