Schlaflos im Sattel (reposted)

Why? Because Cotterman, that is why!

e c cotterman

(reposted without permission from because I wrote the damn thing 6 years ago, and like hell I’m going to ask permission to share my own material on my own site.)

That should read “Es is S.I.S.”  Schlaflos im Sattel 2010. (Sleepless in the Saddle)

SiS 2010
It was planned as a two-man, nine-hour race. It ended up being less, and yet so much more.

I was invited to take the place of the second man on a two-man team. Cleveland (wunnspeed) was looking for someone and I mentioned that I’d like to do an overnight or 12 hour race before I rill the big four-oh.
He said his teammate wasn’t available any longer, and asked if I would like to step in.
“You know I’m slow, right”
“No problem. It’s lots of guys drinking beer and then there’s a bike race.”

Turns out the missus didn’t want to…

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